Dried Shiitake mushroom




The best environment for Forest-grown Shiitake
Cultivation is in Kyushu,Japan.

We won the Grand Prize for the Sustainable Award 2020 from the Japanese government MAFF. Click! => Video

Latest Press Release

Dedication to Natural Shiitake

Our Shiitake are carefully and lovingly grown by over 600+ local growers.
We collaborate closely with the local community dedicated to naturally producing delicious Shiitake.
Each of our growers' tailors and fine-tune their cultivation to the ever-changing weather and different micro-climates in their area.

Natural Umami Booster

  • Umami Booster
  • Umami Booster

Our dried shiitake are not only delicious to eat, but also provides a 100% natural pwerful Umami booster.
Try our Shiitake Powder to quickly and easily boost the Umami for all your cooking.

Recommended by Famous Chef.

Dr. Yukio Hattori

Famous Japanese Chef, Dr. Yukio Hattori, chose our Shiitake for his traditional Japanese New Year foods "Osechi." He is known as an expert commentator on the Japanese television show "Iron Chef." His cooking school recommends our Shiitake and allow us to use his name on our products.
And, we are Organic and Kosher certified.

Local Community Driven Quality

We receive our Shiitake directly from 600+ local growers who are paid in cash to support their daily life .
To ensure tracebility, we use barcodes from the initial harvesting til to the final product. To improve quality, we use far-infrared rays and UVB to raise the Umami of our Shiitake and maximize the Vitamin D content.

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