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Company Introduction

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Company Introduction

Company Introduction

Mission statement
Sugimoto Co., Ltd. is grateful to work in this area together with the producers, always wishes for our customers' health, and challenges the satisfaction of our customers by making daily efforts to continue to develop and provide safe and easy-to-use foodstuffs, and challenging the sustainable development of the region and the satisfaction of our customers.

Established: 1955 by Masami Sugimoto (Grandfather of current owners).
Incorporated: 1970
Address: 458-28, Mitai, Takachiho, Nishiusuki, Miyazaki 882-1101 JAPAN
Tel: +81-982-72-3456 (Japanese) +81- 90-2714-7654 (English). Email: tony@sugimoto.co
Products: 100% naturally grown, Dried Shiitake Mushroom (whole & cut Koshin, Donko, Hana Donko)
Customer Base: wholesale and retail: Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (COOP brand); Japan,
US & EU Amazon; Hong Kong, Taiwan, Israel, and India
Awards & Certification: Organic, Kosher, Superior Taste Award from ITQI Brussels.
No. of Employee: 30 + over 600 local cultivators & their partners
Annual Production: 60+ Metric Tons

Executive Management.

Owner & CMO: Tatsunori ""Tony"" Sugimoto Bio: Tony took over the company from his father in 2000, before Kaz. Tony has maintained and strengthened a 1,000-year-old Japanese agriculture tradition by increasing sales in Japan and now globally using modern digital marketing techniques. His initiatives include using Amazon in multiple global regions and pushing the benefits of a sustainable environment and local community to grow Shiitake. He personally writes and tests all Sugimoto Shiitake recipes, including building their video cooking site in English and Chinese. Moreover, Tony communicates daily with their customers using Facebook and Instagram.

President & CEO: Kazuhide ""Kaz"" Sugimoto

President & CEO: Kazuhide Kaz Sugimoto

Bio: The 4th generation of the SUGIMOTO's to take charge of the company from 2020. Brother to Tony and is in charge of day-to-day operations, sales, and community collaboration. Apart from his day-to-day factory management, Kaz is actively involved in the local community.
Kaz started providing tree logs to grow Shiitake for local growers aiming for the sustainable use of forests. He collaborates closely with disabled workers working at Welfare Facilities to provide work and support.
Kaz initiated and currently implementing the Organic Certification process for their growers.

Company highlights

Company highlights Company highlights Company highlights

Forest-grown Shiitake in Miyazaki, Japan

Our company has been owned and managed by 3 generations of the Sugimoto Family. It was established in 1955 by Masami Sugimoto (Grandfather of the current owners) and incorporated in 1970.Our Unique Advantage 1) We guarantee that Our Premium Forest-grown Shiitake is 100% harvested in Oita, Miyazaki & Kumomoto, Kyushu JapanThese regions produce the best tasting & textured Shiitake on Kunugi Logs (Japanese Sweet Sap Oak). Many competitors will mix in other Shiitake from outside these regions using different trees and even from other countries.Grown by our direct network of 600+ local farmers using 100% natural & sustainable practices (no pesticides or artificial chemicals used) ⇒Organic Certification available.2) Innovative drying process to improve quality and tasteLeast amount of moisture content <9% vs. 12%++Most Vitamin D: 9,680IU/100g vs. the average of 508IU/100g100% insect & insect egg-free (only Kosher Certified Shiitake in Japan)3) Globally Recognized & Purchased On Amazon, also by other importersU.S. Amazon Best Seller for dried Japanese ShiitakeSold in the U.S., UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, China (H.K., Taiwan), Singapore and VietnamOver 200 online recipes with video in Japanese (over 50 recipes are also available in English & Chinese)

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