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Natural & Healthy Taste Booster w/ NO Shiitake flavorMakes all foods taste better, i.e.:
- Ordinary beef tastes like Prime, Aged, or Wagyu
- Any chicken to Free-Range Quality
- Tastier Salmon
- Deeper & Fluffier Potato Flavors


We provide the Purest Shiitake Powder which brings out the best tastes, without masking or adding another flavor, and with less salt.

Zen monks found that forest-grown Shiitake was the best Umami enhancer for Vegan Cuisine more than 1000-years ago.
Now you can easily use authentic Forest-grown Shiitake mushrooms for your daily cooking.

1) Infuse in foods 10 minutes+ before applying heat.

2) 1 dry Tbsp or 1 pre-soaked tsp serves four.

3) Enhances the natural tastes of each food ingredient, creating a unique, elegant harmony of Umami flavor.

Shiitake powder cannot enhance Umami if MSG is present
Normal commercial umami enhancers add a standard, factory-made umami to foods, producing a similar, bland often bitter taste. However, our Shiitake elegantly enhances each ingredient's umami. Natural guanylate in dried Shiitake does not add flavor, but it activates tongue umami receptors, making other foods' umami stronger and longer-lasting. This highlights the individual umami flavors of meat, fish, and vegetables, producing a delicious harmony of Natural Umami's.

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Shiitake powder reduces salt!



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Our shiitake powder is dried at high temperatures and UV sterilized. Healthy & Safe.

Our shiitake powder is high-temperature dried and UV sterilized, so you can eat it with confidence.

Our shiitake mushroom powder passes directly under a ceramic panel heated to 270°C-280°C for 3 minutes 30 seconds and is sterilized by ultraviolet light exposure.

Shiitake powder goes through this process twice, once when it whole and once after it is ground, so it can be safely consumed without cooking.

However, Guanylate, which makes food tastier, is further increased by heating during cooking, so shiitake powder should be added to the dish as early as possible in the preparation process, followed by cooking to make the dish taste its best.






Tasting is Believing! (1) Boosts the Umami without adding a Shiitake flavor (2) Natural Forest-Grown creates premium flavor and quality


Umami Boosting Test using Mayonnaise or Ketchup
Please prepare:
1 Tbsp of Mayonnaise with 1/2 tsp of Shiitake Powder in small tasting dish
1 Tbsp of any Mayonnaise in a separate tasting dish with nothing added

Note: The fine-grain works quickly and, it will take about 10 min for the Coarse-grains to deeply boost the Umami taste of your cooking, and leave a long delicious "finish" on your tongue. Shiitake powder brings out the best tastes, not by adding another flavor. If the MSG is already in the dish, Shiitake powder can no longer improve the dish's natural Umami taste because MSG contains a little Guanylate.


You can easily use authentic Forest-grown Shiitake
Now you can easily use authentic Forest-grown Shiitake mushrooms for your daily cooking.
Fine-grain works quickly and, it will take about 10 min for the Coarse-grain to boost the Umami taste of your cooking swiftly and deeply.


Shiitake Powder's Natural UMAMI


MSG's Artificial UMAMI

The Umami in Shiitake Powder boosts the Natural Umami of food ingredients to create a brilliant taste harmony, with or without adding a Shiitake flavor. Lab-produced MSG generally adds a simple, flat, sometimes harsh Umami taste to foods, while our Forest-grown Shiitake brings out an elegant Natural Umami in each food ingredient.

The original Umami of each ingredient, such as tomatoes, carrots, dairy products, meat, seafood, etc., is further emphasized. Each food element becomes rich in Umami, creating an elegant symphony of flavor.

Shiitake powder produces a unique Umami boosting ingredient called Guanylate, which interacts with the natural Umami or Glutamates contained in almost all foods. Our tongues have receptors that detect the 5th Taste of Umami, causing us to taste the natural Umami of Glutamate with an even deeper flavor with the presence of the Guanlyates of Dried Shiitake.

Dried Shiitake Powder can add a gentler, subtly earthy flavor and much more nuance. By adjusting the amount of Shiitake Powder, you can increase or decrease the amount of the Shiitake Taste you want to include in your dishes while still amping up Umami.

Check the difference between a fixed rougher Umami taste of artificial MSG and a distinctive harmony of Natural Umami flavors from Shiitake powder.

Only dried and rehydrated Shiitake produce Guanylate, a natural Umami booster.

To maximize Umami, allow over 10 minutes for the Shiitake powder to come in contact with the moisture on the foods you use or bloom with a little water or broth.
Guanylate Umami increases further when then heated.

Our Shiitake powder is 100% pure Japanese Forest-grown Shiitake mushroom. Many of our competitors add salt, herbs, and other spices to add flavor, not to mention chemicals and bleaches to grow and clean their products. Our products are cultivated with no chemicals or fertilizers and absolutely no additional ingredients.

The Shiitake is grown in Miyazaki, Kumamoto, and Oita prefectures of southern Japan, providing a perfect climate and environment to produce the best tasting and textured Shiitake.


If the MSG is already in the dish, Shiitake powder can no longer improve the dish's natural Umami taste. Because MSG contains a little Guanylate (the synthetic Shiitake Umami ingredient.)

If you add Shiitake powder to the dishes seasoned with natural ingredients and natural seasonings, it will taste wonderful. But it doesn't work for the MSG-seasoned dishes. Please try it in various ways.

Shiitake Powder Natural Umami Booster!

Japanese famous chef recommends


Japanese famous chef, Dr. Yukio Hattori, chose our Shiitake for his traditional Japanese New Year Foods "Osechi" every year. He is known as an expert commentator on the Japanese TV show "Iron Chef." His cooking school," Hattori Nutrition College," recommends our Shiitake and allows us to use his name on our products.

2 ways of natural Umami Boost


Natural Umami boosts flavor in two ways:
A) Glutamate x Inosinate (All foods x Fish & Meat)
B) Glutamate x Guanylate (All foods x Dried Shiitake)
You can find more information about Umami from the following keywords.
"List of Umami rich ingredients" Umami Information Center

Drying & Rehydrating Shiitake creates the Guanylate Umami.


The drying and rehydrating process of Shiitake produces "Guanylate," the Umami booster.
These are illustrations of how the cells of Shiitake produce and release Guanylate Umami.
The Drying process breaks down the wall of the cell, which releases the RNA. Rehydrating enables the released RNA and enzymes to form a chemical bond that becomes Guanylate Umami Shiitake mushrooms must be dried & rehydrated to create Guanylate.
The drying and rehydrating process of Shiitake produces "Guanylate," a natural Umami energizer. Guanylate amplifies the Umami taste of all foods.
Unlike Dried Porcini, Shiitake can enhance the Umami taste of your cooking without adding a mushroom flavor.
Shiitake powder does not amplify the Umami when it is dry. Guanylate Dried Shiitake produces Guanylate Umami when rehydrated. So when using Shiitake powder, always make sure it comes into contact with moisture from the foods or ingredients of your cooking (preferably add Shiitake Powder10 minutes before using heat to bloom and produce the best Umami flavors).

Tips and tricks:
Adding a little water to Shiitake powder and waiting 10 minutes before using maximizes 3x the Umami Flavor! One dry Tbsp equals one pre-soaked tsp, the same Umami boosting power. The drying and rehydrating process of Shiitake produces "Guanylate," a natural Umami energizer. Guanylate amplifies the Umami taste of all foods.

We feel Umami on the broadest area of our tongue

We feel Umami on the broadest area of our tongue

Umami is the 5th Basic Taste and it spreads across your tongue and lasts longer as an aftertaste.

Humans recognize the umami taste as an indicator of available protein in foods. Glutamate is the most abundant amino acid in human breast milk. All our foods have rich Glutamate, and Guanylate (GMP) of dried Shiitake boosts the Umami taste of Glutamate.

Reference: "Molecular mechanism of the allosteric enhancement of the umami taste sensation."



1 dry Tbsp or 1 pre-soaked tsp serves four.

By adding a little water and waiting 10 minutes before using, maximizes 3x the Umami Flavor!

After drying and rehydrating, Shiitake creates "Guanylate," which boosts the Umami taste of any foods, it is cooked with.

The Sugimoto Way

Forest-grown Shiitake


We grow Shiitake on natural sweet sap oak (Sawtooth Oak) logs in the forest. Our Shiitake are completely exposed to nature with no top nor surrounding coverings. Sawtooth Oak Tree logs are recognized in Japan as producing the best-tasting and textured Shiitake.

Forest undergoes a sustainable 15-years life cycle


In the spring, seedlings will grow from the stumps we cut for Shiitake. New trees grow back from the stumps. The oak trees on the mountains will re-grow in 15 years, when we will again cut down the trees for logs. Our Forest-grown Shiitake cultivation approach has been used for over 1,000 years.

We won the grand prize of the Sustainable Award 2020 from the Japanese Government. It was a breakthrough for dried Shiitake to win the grand prize among many other foods. https://youtu.be/nLA2XpaCezY

Fairtrade for SDGs


The Japanese Government recognized our fair trade and standards practices with special welfare facilities as a leading example for the UN-led Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Japanese Forest Agency of MAFF shared our fair trade approach with a local special welfare facility in their SDGs Annual Report.

Most Vitamin D

Most Vitamin D

Vitamin D 15800 IU / 100g

We use a far-infrared drying approach, which minimizes moisture to less than 9% (others are 12%+) to preserve a premium taste and quality. Our Shiitake has the most natural Vitamin D, 15800 IU/100g, by UVB exposure.

Forest-grown Shiitake powder's effect of amplifying the Umami of dishes (Guanylate) is six times greater than that of sawdust-grown Shiitake powder!





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