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Our Factory utilizes innovative drying and traceability techniques with the highest Quality Control processes to ensure the best tasting and textured Natural Dried Shiitake. Sugimoto Dried Shiitake has:
The most Vitamin D content of any natural vegetarian food products.
The moisture content is less than 9% (most others have 12-15%).
No microbes nor other biological containments.
Adds no chemicals nor additives.


1) Forest-grown
Our 1000-year-old Traditional Japanese cultivation approach using special sweet sap oak logs. Grown by local farmers in Kyushu, a Southern island of Japan.

Procured directly

2) Procured directly
We support over 600 small local growers from the 1950s using fairtrade price, with a stable traceability system.

Most Vitamin D

3) Most Vitamin D
Brings moisture content to less than 9%, preserves the Shiitake's flavor, and increases Vitamin D 15 times.


4) Traceability
All of our Shiitake's process history is recorded by the barcode on the box.

No chemicals or insect

5) No chemicals or insect
Our Shiitake are perhaps the only Kosher certified Shiitake that is 100% Forest-grown. The most strict Orthodox Union approves our factory.

Annual 60t Production

6) Annual 60t Production
COOP brand and Major Japanese retailers are our customer base. The most famous Japanese cooking school recommends our Shiitake.

Factory Information

Factory Size 900 square meters x 2 floors
Factory Country/Region 458-28, Mitai, Takachiho, Nishiusuki, Miyazaki, Japan
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Annual Output Value US$3.7 Million

Annual Production Capacity

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Product Name units Produced highestEver unit Type
Dried Shiitake mushroom 50 70 Ton/Tons

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