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Natural Umami booster

Company Introduction

The Umami of Shiitake Powder triggers a harmony of natural favors. Shiitake powder brings out the best tastes, not by adding another flavor. Shiitake Powder Umami is a very delicate and subtle taste enhancer. Appreciating Umami may take some time and experience to understand the taste properly. This is different from other seasonings, and even many Umami Powders add salt, seasonings, additives, and other herbs. We are not saying masking or adding another layer of flavoring is bad. But this is not what Shiitake Powder is trying to do. It is a pure and natural Umami booster which creates a longer-lasting and deeper finish for the foods you eat. Once you experience and discover Umami, it becomes almost addictive, a taste sensation you want to return to and return to .....

If the MSG is already in the dish, Shiitake powder can no longer improve the dish's natural Umami taste. Because MSG contains a little Guanylate (the synthetic Shiitake Umami ingredient.)

If you add Shiitake powder to the dishes seasoned with natural ingredients and natural seasonings, it will taste wonderful. But it doesn't work for the MSG-seasoned dishes. Please try it in various ways.

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