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Product Advantage

Grown in a 100% natural.

1) Delicious Forest-grown Shiitake need to be exposed to the sunlight and the natural wind. Bamboo or Cedar forests are also often used to grow Shiitake in our area. Cedar and bamboo are also known to release phytoncides, which have a natural bactericidal effect. We never use chemicals.

From the sweet sap oak.

2) Premium Forest-grown Shiitake Mushrooms naturally cultivated outdoors on special sweet sap oak logs. Our Shiitake are grown 100% by local farmers on Kyushu, a Southern Island of Japan. Our Shiitake has the most natural Vitamin D, 6880 IU/100g.

Recommended by Cooking School.

3) Japan's most famous cooking school, Hattori Nutrition College, recommends our Shiitake. We minimize Shiitake's moisture content to less than 9% to preserve a premium taste and quality. Our Forest-grown Dried Shiitake is recognized as the best tasting and provides the most Umami.

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