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We grow what we feed our own families

We grow Shiitake on natural sweet sap oak log in the forest. Our Shiitake is completely exposed to nature where there is no cover on the top or around the Shiitake. The growers use a 1,000-year-old Japanese approach to grow sustainable Sweet Sap Oak (sawtooth oak) Tree Logs that are recognized in Japan as producing the best-tasting and textured Shiitake.

Larger agro-businesses cannot grow these Shiitake. Families living deep in the mountains grow Shiitake in harmony with nature. In each forest micro-climate, it is essential to fine-tune the variable factors of nature, exposure to the rain, wind, and the sunlight through the trees, with the work and working hours changing according to the change in weather. A businessperson who thinks about time cards and weekends cannot grow delicious Forest-grown Shiitake. We work with about 600+ growers to grow these tasty Shiitake.

A chef at a Michelin-starred restaurant in New York remarked that our Shiitake is: "completely different from any other dried Shiitake I've ever tried." He then asked me to explain in detail how we could produce such a clean and wonderful tasting Shiitake. He was very impressed.

Only in Japan can you find such delicious Shiitake. We accept all the dried Forest-grown Shiitake that the local growers bring to us and pay them in cash on the spot. If we don't sell all of them in a year, growers come back with the next crops to us with smiles on their faces, so we work hard every day to sell all that they bring us. Please click below to see our Commitment to Natural Farming.

[8K] Miyazaki, Roots of Japan (CanonOfficial) "Origins of Japan's Mythology" showcases the beauty of our land, Takachiho. YOUTUBE https://youtu.be/J-5Ikt_9WpA

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