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Most Vitamin D

Our Shiitake has the most Vitamin D.
536 IU ⇒ 9680 IU/100g
18x After UVB exposure
The Vitamin D content in Shiitake are greatly enhanced by sunlight. Sun-dried Shiitake
contain the most amount of Vitamin D of any other plant related foods. Our Shiitake are
exposed by ultraviolet light in the factory so that we can further enhance and guarantee the
amount of Vitamin D.
USDA has reported that the most Vitamin D rich ingredient is brown mushrooms, exposed
to ultraviolet light, it has 1,110 IU/87g.

USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard ReferenceRelease 28

Our dried Shiitake will become 4x's heavier after rehydration.
If we compare our Shiitake with USDA data, the following calculation can be made.
9680 IU (242μg) / 100g (dried shiitake) ÷ 4 = 2,420 IU (61μg) / 100g rehydrated shiitake
= 1,936 IU (48μg) / 80g (Our Shiitake)
In conclusion, our Shiitake has the most Vitamin D content of any natural foods.

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