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  • Summer Fancy Food Show 2023 SUGIMOTO SHIITAKE Special!

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Sugimoto Shiitake Powder is the most popular on Internet Search U.S. Amazon & in Japan,

Why? Our mushrooms provide the strongest Umami Boosters, the highest levels of Adaptogens + Vegan Vitamin D, & are 100% Natural & Sustainable.

=> Healthiest, Safest & Deepest Umami Mushroom Powder

Discover the difference between our Premium Forest Grown Shiitake vs. cheaper competitors' artificially grown mushrooms on sawdust composite. Learn more <= Click!

=> Best Japanese Quality & Craftmanship

Shiitake powder

1) The Best Tasting & Textured Shiitake in Japan come from Takachiho grown naturally on Japanese Sweet Oak.
2) 600+ Local families hand-craft their Shiitake using a 1,000-year-old sustainable cultivation tradition
3) Contains powerful Umami & Adaptogen, Highest Vegan VitaminD & Reduces Salt Use
4) Promotes a Circular Economy & Way of Life
=> Bridges traditional heritage in a modern global society
5) Too time-consuming & costly for Agro-business to copy

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1) The Best Tasting & Textured Shiitake come from Takachiho grown naturally on Japanese Sweet Oak.


Japanese Sweet Oak provides the best Shiitake growing medium. Our Shiitake slowly absorb minerals & moisture from the Oak logs in the unique micro-climates of Takachiho. This mountainous region is cooler and receives less rain and more fog than other areas.

Our location in Takachiho is in the Middle of Kyushu and grows the most Japanese Sweet Oak in Japan. Takachiho-go is also Japan's oldest recorded growing region, where Shiitake have been growing wild since ancient times.

During autumn and winter, a sea of clouds forms every morning, and the shiitake mushrooms are blessed by the surrounding fog, intensifying their sweet taste & texture.

Best Tasting, Healthy & Safe. Our Shiitake amps up the taste of all cuisines!



2) 600+ Local families hand-craft their Shiitake using a 1,000-year-old sustainable cultivation tradition


Over 600 local farmers using a 1,000-year-old cultivation technique ensure: i) 100% oak regrowth and ii) regular thinning, which increases undergrowth biodiversity, and CO2 absorption while reducing erosion and improving water quality.

To minimize risk their risk, we buy each farmer's complete Shiitake harvest upfront and in cash. The growers face an aging issue; some require our help with their hard labor. We will provide direct assistance and work with our local disability organization to provide additional support. The Japanese Government awarded us the 2020 Sustainability Award.

Our growers are dedicated to harvesting the best quality shiitake while promoting a local way of life and heritage. The growers cut wild oak trees into logs and cure the logs before introducing shiitake spawn for a two-season harvest. The logs will last 5-7 years before they are replaced, and the wild oak grows back naturally in 15 years. The periodic cutting of trees helps promote better plant undergrowth and water quality. Growers carefully tailor their harvest to meet different weather and micro-climates conditions. Our Shiitake depends on a strong local community harnessing and protecting the powers of nature. Our growers take tremendous pride in producing the best-tasting & highest-quality Shiitake.

Our Sustainability Initiatives <= Click!

3) Contains powerful Umami & Adaptogen, Highest VitaminD & Reduces Salt Use


Only Dried Shiitake, not fresh & most other natural foods, contain a powerful 3rd Umami, Guanylate (ours 6X vs. other similar Chinese products). Guanylate is strengthened when Shiitake mushrooms are grown naturally & slowly with little moisture.

The Japan Forest-based Products Association website, a Japanese semi-government organization related to the MAFF, has also investigated and reported on the benefits of dried Shiitake mushrooms.

Key Findings:
1. Promotes bone growth
2. Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
3. Inhibits of platelet aggregation
4. Provides antioxidants
5. Inhibits liver damage
6. Inhibits tumor formation
7. Helps prevent influenza

In-factory UV-B drying process increases the Vitamin D content (the highest of all-natural foods) while preventing foreign contaminants. Our Shiitake has Organic & Kosher certifications.


Our Forest-grown Shiitake are pesticide and chemical-free, which unfortunately increases the risk of spoilage.

To lock in freshness and quality, the Shiitake is first hot-air dried within 6 hours of harvest by the growers themselves. After, we use a second drying process at the factory with far-infrared rays and UV-B.

Our process reduces moisture by <9% (vs. competitors' 12-15%), ensuring to provide and preserve the highest quality.

The Umami of Shiitake cannot be fully produced by sun-drying alone. For this reason, historically, growers used a second wood-fired and charcoal-fired drying. SUGIMOTO's original far-infrared drying process is a modern innovation to improve Dried Shiitake's taste, texture, quality, and health benefits.

Moisture content is the most important element in controlling the quality. If it is not kept dry as possible, the flavor and quality will quickly deteriorate.

Our company has achieved zero insect eggs using only heating and sorting techniques. We are the only company in the world that has received kosher certification for its pesticide-free Forest-grown Shiitake.

4) Promotes a Circular Economy & Way of Life
=> Bridging a traditional heritage in a modern global society


5) Too time-consuming & costly for Agro-business to copy

The best quality Shiitake requires intensive tailoring to produce the optimal blend of flavor, texture, and health benefits. Our growers take great pride in selecting plots that maximize sunshine, shade, moisture, and wind exposure to slowly nurture their mushrooms. Moreover, they also make detailed adjustments depending on changing weather patterns by providing more shade, moving the log positioning, adjusting the harvesting, and needing to dry within 4 hours after picking. All without adding chemicals, fertilizers, or direct watering. The local cultivators understand the need for different timings to cut the trees, aging the trees before cutting into smaller logs, and when to innoculate the logs with Shiitake spawn. This type of tailoring is time-consuming, and a small lot of detailed work is unsuited for a larger agro-business mass production approach.


6) Dried Shiitake contains a powerful, lesser-known 3rd Umami


Dried Shiitake boosts the powerful safe Natural Umami with or without adding a Shiitake flavor. Lab-produced MSG adds a standard manufactured, bland, and sometimes harsh Umami taste. Forest-grown Shiitake brings out a dynamically deep Natural Umami for each food ingredient.

Shiitake produces a unique Umami boosting ingredient called Guanylate, which interacts with all foods' natural Umami or Glutamates.

The original Umami of each ingredient, such as tomatoes, carrots, dairy products, meat, and seafood, is further amplified. Each food element becomes rich in Umami, creating an elegant symphony of flavors.

Our tongues have receptors that detect the 5th Taste of Umami, causing us to taste the Umami of Glutamate with an even deeper flavor with the presence of the Guanlyates of Dried Shiitake.

Dried Shiitake can add a gentler, subtly earthy flavor and is much more nuanced. By adjusting the amount of Shiitake Powder, you can increase or decrease the amount of the Shiitake Taste you want to include in your dishes while still amping up Umami.

Discover the difference between a flat harsher Umami taste of artificial MSG and a distinctive harmony of Natural Umami flavors from Shiitake powder.

Only dried and rehydrated Shiitake produce Guanylate, a natural Umami booster.

7) Drying makes it taste better.
Shiitake is a mushroom that tastes better dried than fresh. Shiitake's drying and rehydrating process crushes cell membranes and produces the rare Guanylate, which boosts the Umami taste of other ingredients. The rehydrated water becomes a broth/"Dashi," which can be used in many different ways to improve the flavor and Umami taste of foods.


Most other (especially from China) rehydrated dried Shiitake broth cannot be used as a Dashi. The taste is too harsh, and the chemicals and bleaches used to clean and whiten their mushrooms can be a health risk.

8) Boosts the natural Umami of other ingredients
When Glutamate enters the Umami receptors on the tongue, we feel the Umami taste. Guanylate closes the Umami taste receptors to feel the Umami taste longer and stronger.
Glutamate is abundant in various foods, but Guanylate is only found in very few foods, such as dried Shiitake mushrooms.


Read more <= Click!


Shiitake Magic Transforms Vegan & All Cooking!


Did you know that:

  • dried Shiitake can easily amp up Umami for any Cuisine (without adding Shiitake flavor)
  • only dried (not fresh) Shiitake adds a 3rd Natural Umami Booster called Guanylate (Learn more)
  • Dried Shiitake can amp up Umami x30!
  • our dried Shiitake boosts Umami x6 compared to Asian competitors
  • our rehydrated Shiitake creates a 2nd rich Umami Dashi (not possible with other Asian competitors' products)
  • the secret ingredient to improve the taste of Zen Vegan Cuisine is to use dried Shiitake
  • Boost the Natural Umami of your favorite dishes (see Umami content of different foods following umami-rich ingredients)


QR codes on our packages link you to over 200 recipes! NEW CONTENTS: "Shiitake easily amps up Umami in any Cuisine" has been added to the recipe site.

shiitakejapan.com <= click!


Try it with different foods!


Rave Reviews

- Rave Review at Vegandale Fest NY.


- Famous culinary school

Christopher Kimball's Milk Street, a renowned culinary school in the US, recommends our Shiitake mushrooms.

Famous Japanese Chef Dr. Yukio Hattori chose our Shiitake for his traditional Japanese New Year Feast, "Osechi," every year. He is known as an expert commentator on the Japanese TV show "Iron Chef."
His cooking school, Hattori Nutrition College, endorses our product.

Show Specials.

1) Try our tasting samples which have received rave reviews.

=> visit our Booth JETRO 120


2) Free 70g product samples sent from our US warehouse BEFORE or after the Show. Of course, we can also ship samples of our Shiitake powder!


Contact NOW! => tony@sugimoto.co

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Shiitake Donko


Shiitake Koshin


Shiitake Powder

Sugimoto Shiitake has Kosher, Organic, ISO22000 Certification and was awarded Japan's Highest Sustainability Award.

Our Shiitake are harvested 100% naturally in Japan. A two-season crop harvested by over 600 local cultivators who we know personally. Our cultivators grow Shiitake on Sweet Japanese Oak, the best medium for the most flavorful and textured Shiitake. The cultivation process is completely sustainable and supports a traditional local heritage and community.

Competitors grow their Shiitake quickly, cheaply & artificially in Green Houses using sawdust, questionable water supplies, and chemicals to bleach and sanitize their products.

This is a great opportunity for you to taste the Forest-grown Shiitake endorsed by many top chefs.

Advice for food professionals and gourmets (best way to rehydrate dried shiitake).
https://sugimoto.co/en/the-most-delicious-way-to-soak-dried-shiitake-mushrooms/ <<Click!


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